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Friday, 25 November 2011 10:13

Qaddafi Vodka Brand Gets Seal Of Approval

By Tom Balmforth

MOSCOW, November 25, 2011 (RFE/RL) - Muammar Qaddafi appears set to join an exclusive roster of revolutionaries and powerful politicians after a local Russian alcohol retailer registered the slain Libyan dictator's name as a trademark this week.



Kommersant radio reported on November 23 that Aleksandrovy Pogreba, a Russian vendor selling wine and vodka, patented the "Commendatore Muammar" trademark at the RosPatent intellectual property registry.


According to the RIA Novosti news agency, representatives for the alcohol retailer are not denying reports that they are on the brink of bringing out a new Qaddafi line, although they would not confirm them either.


It is believed that “Commendatore Muammar” could join Aleksandrovy Pogreba’s existing "Commendatore" marketing line, which currently bears the face of Che Guevara.


Vodka brands named after Russia’s leading politicians are popular in the country.


President Vladimir Putin had been in power for four years when “Putinka” vodka appeared on shop shelves in 2003, becoming Russia's most popular brand within a year.


'Flippant Branding'


When President Dmitry Medvedev came to power in 2008 to become the junior partner in Russia’s so-called tandem, numerous patents such as "Medvedka" and "Tsar Medvedev" were registered overnight.


But the authorities eventually became disenchanted with what they saw as flippant branding.


In October 2010, Rospatent denied a request by the Royalty alcohol producer to name a drink "Volodya and Medvedi" which evoked the diminutive form of Vladimir Putin's first name as well the surname of President Medvedev (Medvedi, meaning "bears," is literally the plural of Medvedev).


A legal battle ensued, however, and Royalty appealed the Rospatent decision at the Arbitration Court as recently as November 8 this year.


No such issues are envisaged for the Qaddafi line.


Support for Qaddafi remained high in Russia throughout the civil uprising against his regime and he still remains popular in the wake of his brutal slaying last month.


Earlier this year, green stenciled graffiti appeared on the pavements of Moscow saying "73 percent for Qaddafi" advertising a website that supported the dictator.

Thus far, it is unclear how strong the "Commendatore Muammar" beverage will be. (END)


Убранство хижины не лишено было некоторого уюта и комфорта.

Надо устроить засаду, говорит Эль-Койот.

Не она сыграла с нами эту злую шутку.

К сожалению, вы не поблагодарите меня за то, что я вам расскажу.

Избыток света сформировался "Автоматизация химической промышленности"в большой прямоугольник, обрамляющий их.

Я стоял над "Автоматизация шлифовального процесса путем разработки автоматической системы управления регулируемым натягом"Ли Пяо, слушая, как он что-то "Автоматизация холодильного оборудования"негромко бормочет на кантонском диалекте.

Это невысокий, "Автоматизация электропривода буровой установки"крепко сбитый мужчина "Автоматизация экстрактора противоточного типа"по имени Кен Зао полагаю, он "Автоматизация энергетических установок"водный маг, и По Шианг, более "Автоматизація виробництва олії"высокий и худощавый.

Она взяла пуговицу, изучила "Автоматизация электропривода поперечной подачи токарно-винторезного станка"ее, затем кивнула.

Толстые руки Роджера сжимали ключ от его монастыря, "Автоматизація виробництва полівінілацетату безперервним способом"висящий на цепи на шее.

А "Автоматизація котельні на ТЗВ 'Волинь-Шифер'"я, похоже, ускорила события, прошептала она.


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