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Monday, 30 May 2011 14:23

Africa: Businesswomen Draw Up Plan of Action

MAPUTO, Mozambique, May 30, 2011 (Buziness Africa) - African business women drew up a plan of action in Maputo intended to overcome the barriers they face in the world of business.


Meeting at a Conference in the Mozambican capital, the women entrepreneurs complained of limited access to credit and to markets. They noted that women business people are poorly represented in those areas of the economy that have the largest financial returns, and that they have poor connections internationally.


According to a press statement from the Community Development Foundation (FDC), the Mozambican NGO that organised the event, the conference opted to create an "African Network of Businesswomen."


They elected a group of seven women who will be responsible for coordinating the creation of this network, and implementing the plan of action in each of the countries represented.


"The priority activities approved in this plan are essentially aimed at dialogue with governments, with business associations and with financial institutions, and training in themes linked with business management," said FDC spokesperson Marta Cumbi.


The two day meeting brought together about 60 women entrepreneurs from Mozambique, Angola, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa.


The participants regarded the meeting as "positive", since they reached an understanding on the next steps to be taken in order to make the world of business more accessible to women.


"The meeting exceeded our expectations," said Vitoria Kalima, representing the Zambian Federation of Businesswomen. "It was a moment for us to learn what women are doing in other countries to confront the barriers we face in managing and developing our businesses."


The conference resulted from an initiative undertaken by the FDC since 2009, in coordination with the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), with a view to creating a platform that will promote gender equity in business. (END)


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