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Thursday, 29 October 2009 11:03

France Sentences Gaidamak To Six Years

MOSCOW, Oct 28 (Combined Reports: AP, Reuters, MT) - A Paris court sentenced Russian-Israeli tycoon Arkady Gaidamak to six years in prison Tuesday for links to arms trafficking to Angola in a case that involved corruption at the highest levels in France.


The sentence means that Gaidamak, who is living in Russia and faces separate embezzlement accusations in Israel, faces the risk of arrest should he ever decide to leave Russia.


The court convicted Gaidamak and French businessman Pierre Falcone of masterminding the trafficking of Soviet-made weapons to Angola during a civil war in the 1990s.


Falcone also was sentenced to six years, and he was jailed immediately after the verdict. He has enjoyed partial diplomatic immunity as Angola’s representative to UNESCO, but the court said Tuesday that immunity does not cover the arms trafficking conviction.


In a blow to an influential fixture in French politics, Charles Pasqua, a former interior minister, was sentenced to three years in prison, two of them suspended. He was convicted of influence peddling connected to the arms trafficking and fined 100,000 euros ($148,690).


The also court gave Jean-Christophe Mitterrand, a one-time African affairs adviser to his father when he served as president, a two-year suspended sentence and fined him 375,000 euros for receiving commissions linked to the arms deals.


He and a host of political heavyweights on trial were accused of receiving money from Gaidamak and Falcone’s company in exchange for political and commercial favors. That money included profits from the arms trades, which violated UN sanctions against Angola at the time.


Forty-two defendants stood accused in the trial, which began last October after seven years of international investigations into a case the French dubbed “Angolagate.”


The Kalashnikov rifles, tanks and other weapons came from Russia via a Slovak company that Falcone and Gaidamak controlled. The indictment said French bank Paribas and other French companies were directly involved in the deals with Angola’s government, which paid for the weapons partly with oil.


Angola’s 1979-2002 civil war served as a Cold War proxy conflict between the Marxist army of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, backed by Cuban soldiers, and the forces of U.S.- and South Africa-backed rebel leader Jonas Savimbi.


In one of the many colorful details to emerge from the trial, the court said Pasqua had used money from the arms deals to fund his campaign for a seat in the European Parliament.


The minister used his influence to obtain French national honors for Gaidamak “for services given to the trade of meat products.”


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