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Sunday, 01 November 2009 11:01

Prestigeous Professions in Russia

MOSCOW, Nov 2 (VOR) - Experts of the All-Russia Centre for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) have named 10 the most attractive professions in Russia.


On the results of the public opinion poll, they found out that medical professions, which were regarded as insufficiently attractive only a few years ago, and besides, worker rofessions rank second and fifth, respectively, in the ratings. And the leader, as before, is the profession of a legal expert.


More than 20 per cent of those olled found it prestigious enough and said that it is one of the most profitable professions in their country.


The head of the Political Research Department under the VTsIOM Centre Stepan Lvov says that the All-Russia Centre for the Study of Public Opinion regularly conducts public opinion polls to find out what professions the people in Russia regard as prestigious and what professions they find the most profitable.


Experts are interested to know how these two factors are interlinked when it comes to profession choice. The latest public opinion poll was conducted in 2006, Lvov said.


What the experts found out is this. As compared with the year 2006, the Russian people’s opinions have not undergone serious changes. As before, juridical professions are leaders in the ratings of profitable and the most prestigious professions.


True, it should be mentioned here that the number of those who give preference to juridical professions and also to economist and financier professions, which ranked second in 2006, has gone down considerably. The number of those who would like to become businessmen has also dropped. If every fifth person said in 2006 that businessmen earn great profits, today only 13 per cent of respondents say this is true.


Economists, programmers, businessmen, and state officials rank among the 10 most popular professions in Russia. However, the profession of a banker is not as popular in Russia today as it was before.


Only 7 per cent of respondents are sure that the profession of a banker remains as prestigious as it was before, while the prestige of worker professions has grown considerably today.


The President of the HeadHunter Group Yuri Virovets believes that the consequences of the world global crisis are responsible.


First of all, I would like to stress here that all the former public opinion polls showed that people had not mentioned worker professions as prestigious. And now the people have made certain that there’s a lack of qualified workers today. And their wages are sufficiently high. I can say that according to statistical data available, the average wage of a worker in Moscow is 34,000 roubles per month.


This is good money. Moreover, this is comparable with the wages of office employees. Taking into account that the situation of office employees is less stable than that of the qualified workers. And there’re as many worker vacancies as before.


Workers are in great demand on the labour market, and unemployment poses no threat to them at all. Which means that we can say with absolute certainty that worker professions have become prestigious enough today under the influence of the global meltdown.


Psychologist and journalist professions, which earlier ranked as the leaders, have now dropped in the index rating. However, one in every 100 polled parents wants his children to become specialists just in this field. The majority of parents want their children to become medics though.


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