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Sunday, 15 November 2009 10:12

Grab Russian Economic Opportunities, Tanzania Businesses Advised

By Zuwena Shame

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania, Nov 15 (The Guardian) - The Tanzanian Ambassador to Russia, Jaka Mwambi, has urged Tanzanians to be aggressive and take up opportunities offered by foreign investors who put in their capital in the country for long term business missions.


The remark was made at a Russian economic forum held at the Russian Cultural Centre in Dar es Salaam. The forum was also attended by a delegation of nine Russian industrialists looking for future markets and investment opportunities in Tanzania.


Mwambi said the Tanzanian embassy in Russian, after political liberation, was now inclined towards championing economic liberation for the development of the country.


Mwambi said that the Russian investors decided to invest in Tanzania due to the country’s political stability as well as the market opportunities offered in industry and agricultural sectors. He added that Russian products, particularly machineries, were durable and had guarantees.


“Russia is ahead of us in terms of technological advancement and has shown its capacity in terms of investing in Tanzania. Therefore, let us take this opportunity seriously and co-operate with them in doing business,” said Mwambi, adding that the two should expand trade between them.


He said that to start with, next year Russia would bring to Tanzania small and medium scale businesspersons, and further explained that one of his goals was to make Tanzania grow in economic sector by bringing in more investors into the country.


“I also would like to urge fellow ambassadors to help our country by luring in more investors and businesspersons to Tanzania. I hope that next year, a Tanzanian business delegation will leave for Moscow for a business mission,” he said.


For his part, the Director of International Cooperation Department at the Chamber of Commerce in Russia, Sergey Vasiliev, said they chose Tanzania as their fourth country of investment in Africa because of its natural resources and market opportunities.


He said that they had also seen her growing in business and were of expectation that with modernized agriculture, the country could become a famous economic zone in the future.

He said they specialised most in manufacturing of agricultural machinery, adding that Tanzania’s programme of ‘Kilimo Kwanza’ could make use of the Russian technology.


Vasiliev said Tanzania had fertile land for agriculture, adding that the Russian technology they had brought would be of good use in supporting Kilimo Kwanza.

Besides, he said Russian technology was also highly advanced and could even predict unpredictable crop diseases.


“During the forum, we have realised that Tanzanians are ready for trade. They have mutual interests in doing business and grow their economy,” said Vasiliev, who was also the head of the delegation.


Speaking at the forum, Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) chairman Ndibalema Manyanja, said the strong Russian delegation in industrial sector was capable of assisting Tanzania not to depend much on rain-fed agriculture.


With many rivers, he said, Tanzania is the third country in Africa with leading water sources, adding that it can harvest throughout the year if it used new irrigation technologies.


He said that even the president’s directive to Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) to register businesses in a short period of time has also impressed the Russian businesses.


He said that for now, the private sector is the leading in business and the one generating economic growth by paying tax, adding that foreign investors should be given the priority they deserve.


More than 200 businesspersons, industrialists and government officials took part in the forum. The delegation will also visit Zanzibar to explore markets and investment opportunities.


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