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10.11.2016 00:00
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Lavrov to discuss trade and economic cooperation with his Beninese counterpart

MOSCOW, November 10, 2016. (TASS). -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his Beninese counterpart Aurelien Agbenonci will hold talks in Moscow on Thursday. They will discuss bilateral cooperation in political and trade & economic spheres and compare their approaches to international and regional problems.

"The relations between Russia and Benin have been traditionally friendly. Our countries maintain interested political dialogue and have prospects for developing mutually beneficial cooperation in trade & economic, humanitarian and other spheres," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.


The foreign ministry noted that the bilateral trade turnover remains at a rather low level. It stood at $892,000 in 2015 but reached $1.196 million in the first eight months of 2016. "The main part is Russian export, mostly represented by diesel fuel and lubricants," the ministry noted.


"Moscow intends to concretely develop the potential of trade and economic cooperation, strengthen the legal basis of bilateral relations. We are ready for expanding military and military-technical cooperation," the foreign ministry said adding that Russia will continue providing humanitarian support to Benin.


"We hope that during the visit of the Beninese foreign minister, key directions will be established for further joint work on boosting a mutually beneficial partnership in different spheres," the ministry noted.


"Russian-Beninese cooperation on the international arena is carried out on the basis of similarity of principal approaches of Moscow and Cotonou toward such important issues as strengthening UN’s central role in global affairs, fighting against terrorism and extremism, against drug trafficking, settling conflicts, including in Africa," the foreign ministry said.


"Cotonou constructively participates in the resolution of pan-African problems, including promotion of integrational processes, countering piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and radicalism in the Sahel region. Benin is an active member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)," the ministry said.



Comment by the Information and Press Department on Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Benin Aurelien Agbenonci’s visit to Russia

On November 9–11, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Benin Aurelien Agbenonci will pay a working visit to Russia at the invitation of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.


On November 10, the ministers will meet to discuss the state of and prospects for Russian-Beninese cooperation in the political, trade, economic and other areas, and will compare the two countries’ approaches to international and regional issues.


Russia and Benin have traditionally maintained friendly relations. Our countries are involved in political dialogue, and have potential for the development of mutually beneficial trade, economic and humanitarian cooperation.


Russian-Beninese cooperation on the international stage is based on the closeness of the countries' approaches to major issues, such as strengthening the UN's central role in global affairs and the fight against terrorism and extremism, drug trafficking and the settlement of regional conflicts, including in Africa.


Benin has been constructively involved in addressing pan-African problems, including the promotion of integration, combating piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and radicalism in the Sahara-Sahel region. Benin is an active member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).


We are grateful to our Beninese partners for their support of Russian candidates in UN bodies, as well as for co-authoring some important resolutions proposed by Russia at the UN General Assembly, in particular the one against the glorification of Nazism.


Russian-Beninese trade and economic ties are growing. Although bilateral trade is still at a low level ($0.892 million in 2015), it grew to $1.196 million in the first eight months of 2016, with Russian exports of diesel fuel and lubricants accounting for the bulk of mutual trade.


Some of the major Russian players such as Lukoil, Gazpromneft-Lubricants, Russian Buses-GAZ Group and others have already made a reputation for themselves in Benin.


Moscow is geared to substantively develop bilateral trade and economic cooperation, and to strengthen the legal framework for our countries' bilateral relations. We are ready to intensify defence and military technical cooperation. We will continue to assist Benin in the humanitarian sphere, particularly in training Beninese nationals at Russian universities.

We hope that the visit of the Beninese Foreign Minister will identify more areas for further cooperative work to build a mutually beneficial partnership in various fields.




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