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Monday, 23 March 2015 20:22

While the generic image of the 21st century woman is one of a beautiful, strong, and confident being who can support herself, be prosperous and glow with health, for more than 3.3 billion women, these are just fairytale stories that have never actually turned into reality. Repression, violence, discrimination continue to be harsh problems of the times we live in, and the truth is there are no countries were all women can feel 100% safe. Important progress is being made every day; unfortunately, women continue to confront with attacks and violence, especially women living in poor and conflict-ridden parts of the world.

Repressed Women Need To Seek Help

  • Did you know that around 35% of women across the globe have experienced physical and/or sexual intimate violence by a partner or a non-partner at least once int heir lives? There are even more concerning data telling us that there are up to 70% of women who have experienced some form of violence from an intimate partner.

  • Besides the obvious risks of getting AIDS or suffering from depression, women who have went through an abuse are also prone to become a lot more self-conscious and try to isolate themselves, withdraw form society, or feel the need to lock themselves into their homes in order to feel safer.

  • Less than 40% of women who experience violence are prone to ask for a form of help. Friends and family members are the number one go-to persons in these cases. A small percentage of these women actually put their trust into the police or health clinics for women victims of home abuse.

  • The first thing a physically or sexually oppressed woman needs to do is get away from the partner or person turning her into a victim. This means moving into a safe house if possible, or changing locks on their home doors and taking all the security measures they can to boost the security degree of their property.

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  • A simple search online should lead you to several locksmiths in your area – make sure you only hire local help so you are not forced to wait for a long time until you will fully secure your home against your aggressor.

  • If you want to rely on word of mouth help, get in touch with your most trustworthy friends and family members and have them recommend the best locksmiths they have personally used and have been pleased with.

  • Make sure while your locks get changed or rekeyed, or while you are installing locks on your windows, you are accompanied by a neighbor or friend as chances are you will tend to feel frightened by the mere presence of a stange man into your home.


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