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Sunday, 10 May 2015 10:11

Zimbabwe: Zimpost Connecting Zim to the World

HARARE, Zimbabwe, May 10, 2015 (The Herald) -- Zimpost, Zimbabwe's designated postal operator is part of the global postal network. The company connects Zimbabweans with the rest of the world through a diverse range of products and services that it offers.

Zimpost is able to be a global player through various treaties signed by the Government of Zimbabwe and superintended by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ).

Zimbabwe has been a member of the global postal community, since 1980, under the Universal Postal Union (UPU) which is the United Nations intergovernmental specialised agency for international postal services. Zimpost, as the designated postal operator is the governmental enterprise that exchanges postal services with the other postal operators from the 192 nations that are members of UPU.

While the UPU plays an advisory, mediating and liaison role to member countries, it also provides technical assistance for international mail exchanges and makes recommendations to stimulate growth in mail volumes, parcels, financial services and the improvement of quality of service.

On a global scale, the UPU's mission is to stimulate the lasting development of efficient and accessible universal postal services through the creation of a seam-less postal territory where the world postal strategy is implemented.

Zimpost actively participates in international forums and activities organised by the UPU and implements programs of the UPU that run on four year cycles. The current Doha Strategy (2012-16) advocates for the improvement of postal services and diversification in member states. Through this global interaction anyone in any part of the world can send and receive letters, remittances and parcels to and from Zimbabwe without encountering any obstacles.

Zimbabwe plays a significant role in UPU's Postal Operations Council and between 1999 and 2004the country represented SADC in the council and between 2004 and 2009 it represented the same body in the Council of Administration.

These two bodies look at operational and policy issues of the Union. During this period, Zimpost was the focal point for SADC and provided feedback on the Union's expectations from the SADC Region

On the African scene, the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU)is the African Union (AU) specialised agency for postal services. PAPU also feeds into the mother body, UPU. It is a forum for regional consensus building as well as formulating regional positions on topical issues at continental and international level. PAPU is best positioned to spearhead the development of postal services in Africa and promote reforms in the development of the physical, electronic and financial postal network in all member countries.

Zimpost is totally committed to the ideals of this Pan African Postal Union and plays a key role in encouraging cooperation among operators on the continent. The Southern Africa Postal Operators Association (SAPOA) is the sub regional body responsible for the Postal Sector in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). It was created in 2001 as an implementation outcome of the SADC Protocol on Transport, Communication and Meteorology signed by the SADC Heads of State and Governments in 1992, in Maseru, Lesotho.

The mandate of SAPOA, for which Zimpost is a founding member, is derived from Article 11 of the SADC Protocol on Transport and Communications. Its mandate is to ensure that every sector of the community has access to modern, efficient and diversified range of mail, financial and e-products.

This body has provided the platform for the formulation and implementation of regional projects like the SAPOA Road Transport Network Project and the SADC Electronic Money Transfer Project. These Projects are designed to bring relief and convenience to the sub-regional migrants who are in neighbouring SADC States.

Through membership to these bodies, Zimpost connects to other designated postal operators in the region and the international community in fulfilment of the concept of "one world -one postal network". By virtue of being an active member of these bodies, Zimpost services are integrated with the global activities ensuring that Zimbabweans benefit from being members of the global postal network.

Zimpost, can without any hassles or limitations, exchange letters, parcels, financial services, and get technical expertise from other members of the global postal community. This does not only make Zimpost an international player, but it also affords Zimbabwean citizens the opportunity of sampling a whole range of international services and products like buying on-line (e-commerce) from America, Europe, China or any part of the globe. Zimpost truly enables global communication and facilitates trade through enabling the concept of thinking globally and acting locally.

With recent developments at Zimpost, Zimbabweans in the Diaspora can send money at an instant to their families back home from Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya, UAE and South Africa, and the number of countries joining up is increasing by the day.

While plans are underway to connect with other international postal partners, there already exist a number of agency arrangements with global money transfer giants to guarantee a 95% global coverage for this service. And with its wide network of 226 postal outlets, agents and franchisees dotted across the country, Zimpost reaches everyone everywhere with its money transfer service, Zipcash to guarantee financial inclusion on a truly national scale.

As the World shrinks into a global village, with cross border e-commerce on the rise, trade barriers being dismantled, and consumers and businesses expanding access to overseas markets, Zimpost is working closely with customs authorities and airlines to ensure speedy and efficient transshipments of postal parcels and packages throughout the world.

The company's adoption of technology for the tracking and tracing of postal items has come in handy as customers can follow their shipments round the clock over the net via the Zimpost website.

(*This story was originally published by The Herald)


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