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Monday, 11 February 2013 20:55


Blackjack Online Card Counting Strategies That Work

If you are wondering what sort of online blackjack schemes should you be using in order to cheat the dealer one way or the other, you are on the wrong page. We are not here to display any potential online blackjack systems that could be aiding you cheat on anyone, but rather help you discover the best approaches to some card counting systems you might have already heard of or even put into practice by now. Counting cards is usually an activity that is often times being associated with some sort of peculiar mental calculus (if you have seen the movie “21”, you probably know what we are talking about). But the truth is that you do not have to be an MIT student or professor, for that matter, to be successful at counting cards. You could be either learning some of the main techniques that could either refer to those higher level counts or those multiple parameters counts, or some simple systems that a game of blackjack online could be making full use of real soon, provided you are ready to give them a shot. Attributing +/- 1 or 0 values to the online blackjack cards and focusing on the so-called “best” such strategies that can ensure those superior returns on the dollar should therefore capture your interest in terms of future learning habits. Sure land casinos are a little bit different when it comes to online casinos and that opting for the same card counting system that has brought you some extra cocktails at the “21” table so far might not exactly do the trick when it comes to online blackjack games. But the moment you are going to use special online blackjack card counting software that is going to teach you exactly how to use an online system to count cards, you shall get to get one step closer to success.

Getting Things Done: Blackjack Online Card Counting  

If you are mostly interested in learning how should you be doing things on a step by step basis, you should probably know the fact that using your very own deck of cards is going to be pretty mandatory at first. You are going to have to focus on learning how to count cards with the aid of a balanced system that should enable you to count an entire deck of cards and get a total of 0 points at the end of your count, and this should not be taking you a whole hour to do, but do expect for some time to pass before you can actually handle your technique at an advanced level. The Internet is actually quenched in tutorials that are going to do wonders for you and which should successfully guide you on a step by step basis, so that you should soon be prepared to take your card counting to the actual virtual online blackjack table and get to make the most out of it.    




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