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Africa: Filled With Economic Opportunities

John_BairdBy John Baird*

TORONTO, Canada, November 11, 2014, (Buziness Africa) -- The Canadian Council on Africa is among the most important Canadian organizations dedicated to Africa’s economic development. The Canadian government shares that dedication as well as some pretty lofty goals for Africa’s future. As a continent, Africa has done well in recent years. Many countries have experienced high economic growth rates. This has led to a massive growth of the middle class and the reduction of poverty. However, there are still too many people who have not yet benefitted from this growth.

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World Bank on African Mining Vision and African Minerals Development Centre

ParadisthBy Minister Christian Paradis*

TORONTO, Canada, October 30, 2014 (Buziness Africa) – It is good to see so many key stakeholders and private sector representatives from across Africa and the world. This panel discussion is taking place at an important time in the realization of the Africa Mining Vision. A time when a key vehicle for its implementation – the African Minerals Development Centre – is ramping up operations.

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Africa: The Missing Link in President Obama's Africa Leaders Summit - Addressing the African, EU, U.S. Conundrum

Witney1By Witney W. Schneidman

WASHINGTON, DC, October 24, 2014 (ECDPM) — The Africa Leaders Summit, held in Washington in early August, marked a welcome and important turning point as trade and investment became a top priority in US-African relations. At the same time, this development has placed the US and the EU on a collision course as it concerns trade with Africa.

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Poland to Improve Trade with Nigeria

Donald-TuskBy Kester Kenn Klomegah

WARSAW, Poland, October 19, 2014 (Buziness Africa) - For the past few years, Federal Republic of Nigeria and Poland have expressed strong concern about practical ways to improve their bilateral economic cooperation, raise trade volume and widen investment. As Africa has now become attractive for many foreign players, Poland has started refocusing its attention and redirecting resources to the African region.

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Russian-Zambian Diplomatic Ties Keep Growing for 50 Years

ZAMBIA, October 11, 2014 (Times of Zambia) -- This year sees at least two mutually corresponding milestone events in terms of historical value and significance both to Zambia and Russia, two different countries, distinguished by unique timelines and agendas, having different approaches and ways of living, separated by thousands of miles of lands and oceans, but, nonetheless, learnt to co-exist in harmony, always as good friends and neighbours.

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