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Information: Bridget Lee Yuman
Deputy Chairman, Special Operations

Miao Huixia
CEO & Publisher

Kafui Gale-Zoyiku
Head of Special Corporate Business Projects

Michael Campbell-Thomson
Editorial Managing Director
& Regional Representative

Kelvin Dewey Leyman (China), Tai Adelaja (Russia),
Kester Kenn Klomegah (Research Analyst), Fazila Tembo (S. Africa),
Kafui Gale-Zoyiku (W. Africa), Naftali Mwaura Muigai (E. Africa)
Research Associates

Alberto Lee Rogers
Godwin Cudjoe Afealetey

Kelvin Dewey Leyman
Director, International Cooperation

Ruby Sinam Nutor
Director, Business Networking & Strategy

Marianna M. Ogot
Director, Administration & Marketing Services

Julius Mawuli Glagah
Advertising and Public Relations Coordinator

Alla Medvedva
Website & Technical Administrator

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